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How Did The 300 Spartans Trained For War

Those absolutely perfect abdominal muscles presented by Xenios Charalambous and his fellow Spartans in the movie “300” are simply to good to be true! Or are they?

Most people believed the physique of the characters was enhanced by CGI (in other words generated by a computer) and that there is no way that they could be real. The fact is, that no CGI was used in enhancing their physical appearance (just the usual make-up).

So how did they get toned and ripped so quickly? The simple answer – with lots of hard work and a restricted diet. You too can get the benefit of rock hard abs and ripped body by following the 300 Spartans workout program.

1. The Diet

Unlike most body-building diets that are designed to increase muscle mass, over-eating was NOT the route taken by the “300” cast. Instead they received supervised meals, together, that provided them with just enough energy to get through the workouts. That’s right, everybody ate in the same place, at the same time, had the same food all under the watchful eyes of the trainers and crew.

Any cheating was rewarded with a more punishing workout. This resulted in a much more lean and wiry look rather than a bulked up, muscle bound hulk.

2. Repetitions

One of the primary processes of the workout regime was loads of repetitions, without a break between different exercises. However, if a specific individual simply couldn’t meet the goal, they were given a pause to catch their breath before being required to complete the set amount of reps. A total of 300 (this had nothing to do with the title of the movie) repetitions were performed during each power workout session.

3. Back To Basics

Instead of using expensive and intricate gym equipment, the cast had to go back to basics. Dumbbells, weights, medicine balls and tires were used and push-ups, pull-ups and crunches formed the essence of the workout regime.

300 movie

4. The Structure

There simply was no structure to the daily workout sessions. The cast never knew when a workout would take place and what training exercises would be included. This kept them off balance where they simply could not be prepared for what to expect from the workout.

However, the focus was primarily on athleticism rather than building muscle during each workout. The principle was to keep going until there was no more to give, and then go even further.

5. The End Result

It wasn’t a fast or easy journey for the cast of “300”. It took 4 months of intense training to get the results shown in high definition on the big screen. You should expect no less time and effort to get the same results. In fact it may take a little longer as you don’t have the benefit of supervision, a world class personal trainer and the camaraderie that was so essential to keep the cast going throughout their training.

At the end of the day, looking like a Spartan is down to hard work and commitment.

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