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How Auto Body and other Technology has changed throughout History

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How Auto Body and other Technology has changed throughout History

Most Vibrant Revolutionary Periods in History written by: MIvica The entire length of the world’s history is filled with interesting periods and incredible stories, but not all of it is true. Naturally, everyone knows that the winners are the ones who will write the history books. However, in spite of this, there are several time periods which proved to be the most vibrant of them all. Check out the most interesting period of change and revolution in the recorded history and find out what allowed them to remain a source of fascination and intrigue even to this day.

The Middle Ages

This period of the European history was already rich with scholars and historians, but there are still plenty of gaps when it comes to the Middle ages. Also known as the Dark Age, it covered several centuries of a backward revolution, brings wars, illnesses, devastation and loss of knowledge. But this period is also the stuff of princesses and kings, knights, and armies, sieges, and conquest, making it very exciting. During the Middle ages, millions of people struggled to stay alive and this lead to some incredible situations and events which continue to capture the imagination of the modern age.

First World War

As the 20th century began, so were the seeds of the biggest conflict at that point in history planted. During its short four years, the war killed millions in trenches and brought about many revolutions which changed the world forever. As a part of the recent history, it is still one of the most important moments in human history.

Second World War

A revolution in itself, the biggest conflict in the history was a world-shattering event. As the Allied nations fought against the Axis forces, the future of the modern age was shaped in its gigantic battles, concentration camps and finally, a nuclear warfare. It was also a time of great technological innovation, especially when it comes to vehicles. Thanks to the technical advances made during that time, places like NW Dent Repair, a specialized Spokane auto body shop in Washington State continues to provide great technical solutions when it comes to fixing automobiles.  Where as in history auto body work was done by blunt force hammering out the dents.  Now it has evolved into something you can only believe after you see it.

Napoleonic Wars

One of the most interesting periods in the history is also one that is often overlooked – the Napoleonic times. Taking place in the early 19th century, right after the great French revolution, this period covers the impact made by one of the most impressive military commanders that ever lived: Napoleon Bonaparte. As his mighty army swept through Europe, new alliances were made and old one shattered, which all provided a time like no other before. In a space of several decades, Napoleon, even though unsuccessful, still managed to make himself into a historical icon.

Ancient Times

Finally, one of the most interesting periods in history goes all the way back to the end of the Iron Age. Here, around the Mediterranean Sea, many ancient cultures can to prominence in a spate of several thousand of years: from Ancient Egypt all the way to the Roman Empire. In this period, many fantastic things occurred, from advances in science to great expansions of civilization. Because of this, the Ancient times are still arguably the moment when the biggest revolution in history occurred: the history of the mind.

With this rich selection of different fascinating periods, anyone will be able to find a historical story that will completely mesmerize them.

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5 Most Interesting Periods In History

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Ancient Times, First World War, History, Middle Ages, Napoleon’s Wars, Periods In History, Second World War | Comments Off on 5 Most Interesting Periods In History

History is full of stories, but as you probably know, you should not believe everything you read in history books! Winners write history books, and this is precisely why some of historical eras and periods are more interesting than the others. If you are looking for interesting stories in history, check out some of these periods, as they will certainly give you something to think about and intrigue you even more.

  1. The Middle Ages

Even though there have been historians at this point in time, there are a lot of gaps, when it comes to the middle ages. This is precisely why this period in time is interesting to both historians, and people who are interested in history. Not only that it is interesting to learn how people lived in courts, but it is even more interesting to find out the daily problems people had and how they surpassed them. Therefore, it can be interesting and intriguing to find out what these people are, how they were educated and what they believed in.

  1. The First World War

Even though it is considered to be a period of relatively recent history, the First World War still amazes historians and people interested in history. It is interesting to find out how people managed to soldier on through these difficult times, but it is also interesting to learn how it came to this point that the whole world had to enter a war on each other.

  1. The Second World War

In addition to the First World War, the Second World War is also interesting for a lot of people who are interested in learning more about history. The Second World War is even more intriguing than the First World War, mainly because there are a lot of speculations as to what really happened to Adolf Hitler. In addition to that, it also interesting to learn more about human psychology that led to the Second World War. If we could learn from our mistakes, then perhaps all this human suffering that took place was not in vain.

  1. Napoleon’s Wars

If you are looking for an interesting period in time that you would like to study, why not study more about Napoleon and his wars. It is definitely interesting find out how Napoleon managed to conquer the entire Europe on his own, and how he was able to make an empire in such a short period of time. Certainly, there are a lot of aspects that are interesting about this historical period, and a lot of things that you can learn by researching this historical period.

  1. Ancient Times

Some people are more interested in ancient times and how people lived back then. In addition to that, there are numerous people and tribes that were discovered later on, and it is interesting to see the way they think or thought, and the things they believed in. In addition to that, it’s also interesting to see which tools they used in their everyday lives.

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