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Riding a dependable Bike

Will you ride it competently?
The skills required to ride in MotoGP are not possessed by all riders and you’ll be making a great mistake if you were to buy this kind of bike if you were new to biking even if you could afford it. While you might imagine that you could control yourself and ride such a bike with care, the fact is that you will get plenty of temptations to do speeds that you do not qualify for and the results could be catastrophic.
Have you researched the model?
While you could obtain info about a particular model from the manufacturers, the people whose opinions you should really be interested in are actual riders. From internet forums or from people you know who own the model you desire, find out how a particular model is rated. If the model your heart is set on is a rare one, be particularly careful about the availability of spare parts.
Is it fit for the purpose you intend to use it for?
Before heading to the shops, it is important to remind yourself why you need to buy a particular bike and to find out if the bike you buy will meet your needs. Are you buying it for an occasional fun ride or will you use it for commuting? The bike that will be ideal for one purpose might be completely unsuitable for another hence the importance of choosing carefully.

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